Monday, August 28, 2017

Bushnell Game Camera Reviews

With one of the highest standards in the industry when it comes to making trail and game cameras, Bushnell continues to dominate by being the innovator rather than the follower. Game enthusiast from all over the world rave about their purchase and how long it has lasted them, and how even the smallest of features turns out to be useful and not just a random gimmick. At Bushnell there is no feature that goes unused, and the gimmicks are left to the other distributors and their marketing departments. Bushnell’s biggest competitor is Moultrie, a company that also produces high quality game cameras for the masses.

There is a rabid support base for both companies, with many users preferring one over the other for their own specific reasons. Both companies have the market cornered when it comes to wireless capability, and megapixels in game cameras are almost at the perfect quality. So with fewer features that need improving, how do you decide on which camera fits your style best? The below list will show some of the more popular cameras in Bushnell’s lineup as well as what makes them so special. Choosing any of these cameras will give you a product that has a quality guarantee for life. Also another trail camera brand is moultrie and it produce one of the best game camera MOULTRIE M-999I MINI GAME CAMERA
Bushnell brings a revolutionary range of trail cameras for the game enthusiasts. In their own words their cameras have “ruggedness and aggressive styling” that none of the other cameras in this class have – even compared to the popular Moultrie Game Cams?. They are made for a refreshing photography experience enhanced with the quality that Bushnell stands for.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless Black LED Trail Camera with Night Vision

This high priced wireless Bushnell incorporates some of the higher end features that one would expect from the brand. Improving on the basic designs of an earlier model, Bushnell created this version to be as near perfect as humanly possible from their famed older line. The end result is a product that is smooth in operation, easier on the user, and without any of the defects of older models. Using this model with a sim card is a breeze, with the setup process taking mere minutes to go through. By using a sim card with compatible service, consumers will get access to data sharing features that brings this cameras true purpose to light. An interface to control the camera from anywhere was implemented in both a web version and smartphone version, with both being similar in use so that you can seamlessly go from one application to another without having to relearn the features. It is a painless interface to use with the most common and most used commands right in front of you.

The shining point when using the interface is the remote connection which never drops due to how the packets are separated when they’re sent out. Less drops means better performance for you, and a lot less frustration when operating. Picture quality is maxed with the Hyper Passive Infrared Sensor that detects heat, and combines it with a motion sensor to give you the most detailed pictures and available without missing any important action out in the field, even when it is dark. Video capabilities include audio, and all at an HD resolution so it looks good playing back on a larger screen like your TV. All of these performance enhancements make it one of the more desirable cameras on the list, and all at a price that is tough to beat. You’ll be hard pressed to find many more cameras that work this well without being detected, so make sure to give this one a try and see what all the fuss is about.

Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Bone Collector Edition Black LED Trail Camera

This mid-priced unit is an interesting design to camouflage it out in the field, but when you look past the look you’ll notice that the video and picture quality is one of the best full color resolutions you can get out of a camera this size. While delivering some of the best optics on the market, it squeezes out every inch of battery life possible, lasting up to a year on a single set of batteries. This is a revolutionary approach to balancing the strength of a camera while not overtaxing the battery to the point of draining it prematurely. With a blazingly fast trigger speed of 1 second, the camera doesn’t waste time in getting you the best shot possible without wasting a frame. The built in motion detector works in a range of about 45 feet, so it’s efficient enough to get you the best shots possible even while they are in fast motion.

The detail is stunning for a camera in this price range, and consumers will notice a big difference in pictures if they are coming from an older camera. Use of the field scan time lapse-technology is essential because it sets up pictures to be taking at a time interval between two captured images. This means less throw away pictures, and more of what you want in your shots. It also functions great when getting a correct field of view for analyzation purposes when hunting. Video and audio functions are also bundle with this camera, but are a little less incredible in quality than the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless. That small tradeoff still doesn’t push this out of being one of the premier game cameras in the industry, and worth your money and consideration.

Bushnell 14MP Bandit Trail Camera

Another low priced trail camera for consumers to keep their eye on is the Bushnell 14MP Bandit Trail Camera with Night Vision and Field Scan, one of the premiere models from Bushnell. These models are built with performance in mind above all else, so expect an increased amount of efficiency from them and not a lot of fancy features. Battery life is 9 months, a bit shorter than the 1 year that has become a staple of the Bushnell brand. Up to 9 months is still a long time for the market though, and shows the power saving features of this smaller model to be in line with the others. Trigger speed is 1 second, and with a resolution of 8MP users can expect to see a great amount of quality in the photos it takes. You can opt to take photos in the 5Mp or 8MP mode, the former giving you the option to have more photos loaded on your device at a lower resolution. Videos are recorded at standard 640×480 resolution, and are pretty good up close and at a distance.

The company didn’t go cheap with the night vision, as buyers can expect the 36 LED’s to really do their job when it comes to night pictures, capturing on demand or by using the time lapse feature. There is support for SD cards up to 32 GB, so if users set the megapixels to 5 they will have an inordinate amount of space to use without having to worry about using the overwrite feature. The usual time stamp settings of temperature, time and date are included with each picture. This is a nice little economy trail camera that is built for performance, right down to its no nonsense design. Whether you need a main camera or want to use it as a backup, it is more than capable of handling both roles.

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